The Stand Community Outreach is aimed at getting more people to our Stands, which have been a starting point for many of those beginning to ‘wake up’ since the ‘Covid era’ began. A Stand in the Park is all about connection, unity, empowerment and coming together physically as we make our Stand for personal truth and freedom. We are creating true community through our weekly Stands and as people begin to doubt what they are being fed by the mainstream, we are very often the first port of call.

We are not going out into our high streets or public spaces to preach to the converted or to hammer those beginning to question the official narrative with our own – which naturally varies from person to person. We are definitely not there to confront or argue with those who are unable to see the monumental web of deceit they are ensnared in. We are simply letting people know that we are here, and that there is a safe and welcoming space to come and speak freely about things: to ask those questions that are too uncomfortable to broach with friends and family; and to gain access to a wealth of alternative information that can appear daunting to many people who are just waking up. The idea is to meet people where they are at, which is often at the ground floor level, and not to propel them straight to the penthouse suite, blow their minds and potentially scare them off completely! It’s quite easy to send someone running straight back into the ‘comfort and safety’ of the mainstream narrative by hitting them with too much too soon.

This is a numbers game, and the fact is we now have huge swathes of people (of every political persuasion, age, gender and ethnicity, ranging from apathetic all the way to being completely in favour of the jab) beginning to seriously question the direction things are heading, especially with the advent of an unspecified number of boosters becoming the latest prerequisite to travel and access ‘normality’. Taking issue with the proposed vaccine passports, which are now rolling out in parts of the UK and are already established in many countries, is not a particularly controversial stance and is a great ‘way in’ when engaging with members of the public who already feel uneasy and confused by the increasingly overreaching, Big Brother approach being taken by governments worldwide in ‘the battle against Covid’. Opposing a requirement to ‘produce your papers’ when going about daily life does not touch on anything that can be labelled ‘anti vax’ which is bandied about any time the ingredients and adverse effects of so-called vaccines are called into question and causes instant polarisation. Unless somebody brings these subjects up themselves it is wise to avoid getting into this on the street as listing toxic ingredients and their side effects to someone who has already been injected might not have the desired effect of getting them on board.


  • Choose a day and time when your high street or town centre (this will generally be the most effective place for outreach) is at its busiest. Outreach is NEVER in place of a Sunday Stand but straight after could be good for some groups if getting together outside of that time is challenging.
  • Always be courteous and kind to anyone you approach, or who approaches you. It can be hard but try to come from a place of compassion when speaking to people who challenge your patience. We are all at different places in this and, frustrating as it can be, a little understanding often goes a long way.
  • Ignore those who are clearly not interested in anything other than goading you into an argument; do not engage or feed them your energy.
  • Keep the focus on an open flow of conversation and not trying to persuade someone to see things entirely your way. We want people who are wobbling in their doubt to feel supported and welcome to come and speak freely about things at their local Stand without feeling embarrassed.
  • This is not the place for shock tactics or bombarding people with uninvited facts and figures. This is the gentler end of the outreach spectrum. At this stage, the vast majority who were going to have the jab have had the jab. It’s important to bear this in mind; we are looking to engage with those who have gone along with things thus far and are now questioning the narrative. Avoid polarising or ‘controversial’ topics such as vaccine ingredients, adverse effects and vaccinating children UNLESS these topics are broached by the passerby, or they are clearly open to discussing them. Efficacy is something many people will be questioning given that the Prime Minister himself has clearly stated that the vaccine does not prevent the contraction or spread but merely reduces the chances of severe illness and death… for a highly survivable ‘virus’. Tread carefully, and this could be a great conversation starter!
  • Offer the Light Paper to anyone you successfully engage with – it’s a great source of information which covers every aspect of ‘The Great Reset’ in a professionally presented and easily accessible way.
  • Hand out flyers with your local Stand details so people know when and where they can find you.
  • We are also welcoming with open arms anyone who is already wide awake to the agenda behind this scam but (somehow!) hasn’t heard of A Stand in the Park up until now. It’s always a great feeling to be able to chat freely and encourage more of our soul family to become part of our awakened community. 



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