Our mission

In the UK we have had massive numbers for the 2021 London marches, 100’s of thousands, some say millions of people.

What if we could get those people to our events on Sundays and double or triple the number of Standers on a Sunday?

How do we do it ?

We talk, communicate and hand flyers to people who are marching or attending gatherings or protests. These people are our people, we will share some of their beliefs. They could swell our numbers on a Sunday, and with a greater network of people meeting we eill all have greater opportunities.

The Flyers – Background Information

In the UK we have a number of printed flyer resources for

  1. promoting the concept of “A Stand In The Park” to other protestors and marchers
  2. promoting your local stand to other people

The flyers are either for low volume print or for use with a commercial printer

No of prints



100 – 1000

Self Print

Flyers designed for home printing – minimal use of colour

> 500

Commercial Printing

Full colour documents designed for being sent to a printer

Should I print my own Self Print flyers or use a Commercial Printer

Do you have enough days to get a commercial print run turned around?

Sometimes commercial printers can turn around a job in 24-48hrs.

If its late afternoon and you need them for tomorrow morning print off the self print ones

Are you going to spend £20 or more on ink and paper

Use a commercial printer it’s easier and less fiddly

Do you want a more professional finish

Use a commercial printer

Can you share the cost with others

Use a commercial printer

How much work is involved in self print flyers

You will need a pair of scissors or if printing a lot of flyers it will be easier with a paper guillotine

Should I be worried about the QR codes ?

QR Codes are as safe as the person or organisation as they are from. If you trust A Stand In The Park then you should trust our QR Codes.

Information on the security of QR codes can be found at Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code#Risks

Can we recommend a commercial printer ?

Yes we use Solopress but the flyers we have designed can be printed by most commercial printers

Next Steps

Do you want to

  1. Help us with the effort to promote A Stand In The Park Nationally
  2. Promote your own stand

A Stand In The Park – National Promotion

These flyers should be taken to any meeting, gathering, protest or march.  the main purpose of these leaflets is to motivate people that are already against the government narrative to attend A Stand In The Park, so they can join with other standers in their local areas.

The file that can be sent to the printer to print these files on A6 is here
The current cost of printing 10,000 with Solopress is £60

ASITP UK Regions promo v1

Promote Your Own Stand

these flyers are designed to promote your stand, we will look to develop these flyers into the future